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About Me

Call and talk to Connie today!? Get to know Connie Parris! She's positive, upbeat and enthusiastic! That's Connie Parris! Connie is a person who is motivated by challenges, tackles them with zeal, and never rests until she has put in her best effort--each and every time. She always does her best to maintain a positive attitude in everything she does. Because whatever she sets her mind to, she can accomplish. That is why Connie loves real gives her the opportunity to make a positive difference in other people's lives and help them accomplish their goals. For Connie, success isn't defined in terms of quanity--how many properties she sells. She realized long ago that at the end of every transaction there's a person, or a couple, or a family depending on her to help them. When you meet Connie, you'll realize too that it's this personal aspect that gives her the most satisfaction. You add up Connie's wealth of thirty-two years of real estate experience, the terrific Trammell & Son Realty organization to back her up and her caring attitude for her customers and clients and you've got a winner. Most choices we make in life start in the head, but they often come down to the heart. We search long and hard for our dreams and we want someone to listen when we are ready to share them. Connie Parris is ready to listen to you and she's ready to get the results you deserve!

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